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DT       The vertical diagonal pipe pumps type "DT" are designed to transport dam, river and industrial waters with solids content not more than 1000 mg/l and up to 60°C temperature. At reduced durability they can be used for a higher content of solids too.
      The pumps are widely applicate in irrigation, drainage and in other cases in agriculture, industry and power engineering.
      The pumps type DT are single - and double- stage, vertical. The operating parts (impeller and guiding body) are diagonal type. The hydraulic part is connected with the bearing wheel by a pipe construction, by which various constructive depth is achieved. The pipe construction serves at the same time as a supercharging pipeline.
      Structural features of the pumps provide high efficiency and longlasting operation life.
      Pumps type DT have been in service at "Kozloduy" nuclear energy station in Bulgaria for more than 20 years.
      The main parts are: suction body, impeller, guiding body, bottom shaft, pipe section with an intermediate shaft, upper shaft, coupling, elbow, bearing body, coupling and joining shield.

      The indication of the pumps includes the following symbols:

400-nominal discharge in l/s
DT-diagonal, pipe
22-nominal head at a single stage in m
02-number of stages

The basic parts of the pumps are made of the following materials:

Detail Construction materials
Suction body, guiding body, bearing body, coupling and joining shields grey cast iron
Impeller cast iron or steel
Bottom shaft, intermediate shaft, upper shaft, pipe and connecting elements steel
Indication of materials

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