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A       Artesian pumps type A are designed for hole wells 30 m depth. The pumps of this type can transfer pure or slightly contaminated waters with temperature up to 40°C and impurity content without abrasive matters up to 0,50 gr/l.
      Artesian vertical multi-stage centrifugal or diagonal pumps. The pump body is connected with the shue elbow with the help of the pipe column. The pipe column consists of separate sections and countershafts which are connected by the friction bearings. Thus, depending on the distance between the base and the water level, the pump units of different length can be produced.
      In the base variant the pump is set in motion by flange-mounted motor. By client's request the pump units are produced with horizontal electric motor and reduction gear, also with combustion engine, reduction gear or multiplier.

      Indication of pumps includes the following symbols:

28-flow rate (l/s)
A-artesian pump
20-nominal head for one stage -
6-number of stages

The basic parts of the pumps are made of the following materials:

Detail Construction materials
Body parts cast iron
Shafts steel
Shaft seal gland
Sliding bearings bronze
Indication of materials

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