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6VP       The rotary vacuum pumps type "VP" are designed for sucking up the air, if necessary, from the casing and air pipe line of pumps prior to their starting as well as for creating and maintenance of present vacuum in different apparatus and installations.
      In all cases the transported gases and gas liquid - mixtures have to be inflammable, not reactive chemically and should not contain any mechanical admixtures.
      The range comprises 3 type sizes with nominal discharge 6,16 and 40 l/s at vacuum 500 mm Hg column. The maximum vacuum at 0 discharge can be from 8,5 to 9,5 m.
      The pumps are driven by three phase electric motors for 380 V at 50 Hz frequency. If contracted with the buyer, they can be executed for other voltages and frequencies, as well as in tropical version.
      The packing of the shaft is made by a rubber cuff for 6VP and by a seal of soft gasket for 16VP and 40VP. The cooling and the tightening of the seal is effected by water under pressure from the water ring of the vacuum pump.
      To maintain and cool the water ring it is necessary to deliver pure water under pressure 2-5 m.
      The rotation, direction is counter clock-wise if looking from the vacuum pump side.
      The suction and the pressure flanges are directed vertically upwards. The suction flange of vacuum pumps 6VP and 40VP is on the left hand side, if looking from the vacuum pump side. The suction and the pressure flanges of pump 16VP are in the vertical plane of the pump, the suction flange is on the opposite side of the electric motor.

      The indication of the pumps includes the following symbols:

6 - nominal discharge in l/s
VP - vacuum pump

The basic parts of the pumps are made of the following materials:

Detail Construction materials
All body parts grey cast iron
Impeller bronze
Shaft, connecting bolts and connection elements steel
Indication of materials

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