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Sewage Pumps

     The centrifugal single-stage pumps type SH, FE, FVE, FVK, FKS, FS & FH are designed to handle municipal sewage water and industrial waste liquids with chemical activity pH=6,5-8,5 and maximum temperature 80°C. Admissible contents of abrasive solids - up to 1% (volume), maximum size 5 mm.
     Sewage pumps are designed for operation at the pumping stations for transferring domestic, industrial and other contaminated nonabrasive chemically inactive liquids.
     Open impeller eliminates a possibility of choking. Pumps have adjusting clearance which allows to maintain high level of efficiency for a long period of operation. Depending on the type of liquid working parts of pumps can be produced of wear-resistant cast iron.
     Alternate design:

  • Pumps type Sh are centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal with open impeller.

  • Pumps type FE are centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal with open impeller. Discharge pipe of this type of pumps is located vertically.

  • Pumps type FVE are centrifugal, single-stage, vertical. Pump is noted for its compact design.

  • Pumps type FVK are centrifugal, single-stage, vertical with open impeller. Its suction inlet is located in the bottom part of the pump.

  • Pumps type FS are centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal. The pumps are produced with purpose-built free vortex impeller wich prevents ducting from choking under heavy-duty conditions. Pumps are used for transferring of heavilly polluted but chemically inactive waters in sewerage network and water supply systems.

  • Pumps type FH are centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal. Impeller is of a closed type with a transition section for nonabrasive impurities up to 34 mm in size.

  • Pumps type FKS are centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal, self-priming. Pump can be used in automatic mode.
Indication of the pump type:

SH - with tangential delivery outlet.
FE - with axial delivery outlet.
FVE - with vertical shaft; suction inlet & delivery outlet aligned in-line.
FVK - with vertical shaft; axial suction inlet with additional bend at 90°, and horizontal delivery outlet
FS - with impeller for free vortex jet.
FKS - with self-priming chamber.
FH - with closed impeller.
Indication of pumps SH & FKS

Indication of pumps FE, FVE, FVK, FS & FH

Maximum size of nonabrasive debris
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