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      "Vipom" JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pumping equipment in Bulgaria.
      "Vipom" is a new brand of the "Georgy Dimitrov" factory, which is widely famous in the countries of the Former Soviet Union.
       "Vipom" JSC is situated in Vidin, on the bank of the river Danube at the borders with Serbia and Roumania. The geographical position of Vidin makes transportation by land and water very convenient.


      Our objective is to offer you reliable and efficient pumps and pumping equipment and a wide range of engineering services.

Wide Product Range:
We offer you a wide range of high quality pumps and pumping equipment for:
  • water supply
  • drainage and irrigating
  • sewer systems
  • heat-and-power engineering
  • household usage
  • shipbuilding
  • building
  • industry
  • micro hydro-electric plants with up to 500kw capacity
  • industrial and decorative cast-iron founding with up to 2000kg weight
We are also experts in:
  • designing and manufacturing of machine and electric parts for water supply, drainage and irrigating pumping stations.


      Production of Vipom complies with CE standards. Product quality control system, which is under ISO9001, makes our products highly competitive.

Our strategy:
       Our efforts are directed at market development in the Middle East countries and in the markets of North Africa and the Caribbean basin, in the countries: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
      Vipom has its offices in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Moscow (Russia). Our distributors operate in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Tunis, Macedonia, Serbia and Cuba.

Customer policy:
      The team of qualified researchers, design and process engineers is doing its best to satisfy your requirements in pumping equipment.
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