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Centrifugal Double Suction Pumps
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D       Centrifugal single-stage horizontal double-entry pump. The pump is designed for pumping water with temperatures of 80°C or less, chemically active liquids and oil products with temperatures up to 45°C and kinematic viscosity up to 25 cSt and density up to 888 kg/m3.
      The pump body and the pump casing are joined in the horizontal plane along the shaft axis. The flanges of the suction and discharge pipes are located from the opposite sides of the body in the plane perpendicular to the shaft.
      Rotor maintenance is carried out without pump removal from the pipe work and from the bed. The sizes of the flanges comply with BDS-EN 1092:1997; DIN - EN1092: 1997; GOST 12815 - 80 (1996).
      The pump is complete with gland seal or mechanical seal.
      The pumps were tested in compliance with EN ISO 9906:1999 for water with temperature of 20°C.
      The pump is driven by the electric motor or combustion engine.

      The indication of the pumps includes the following symbols:

140 - flow rate (l/s)
D - centrifugal horizontal single-stage double suction
40 - total head at flow rate (m.w.c.)
A(B,C) - variant with reduced impeller diameter
MS - mechanical seal version
(if this indication is missing, the pump is a gland seal version)

The material of the basic parts of the pump according to the different versions.

Detail Construction materials
Standard Возможные варианты исполнения
Casing Cast iron Carbon Steel Cast iron Stainless steel
Stuffing - box ring Cast iron Bronze
Stuffing - box flange
Conical sleeve
Sealing ring
Impeller Cast iron Carbon Steel
Bearing cap Cast iron
Bearing housing
Safety sleeve Cast iron Steel Chrome 13% Stainless steel
Mechanical seal Ceramics/ Graphite/ Stainless steel/ Viton
Shaft Carbon Steel Steel Chrome 13% Stainless steel
Soft packing Cotton PTFE (Teflon)
Indication of materials
Замечание: Насосы с подачей выше 300 л/сек не производятся из бронзы. Материальное исполнение деталей указывается в паспорте насоса.

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