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MP       The centrifugal multi-stage pumps type "MP" are designed for transportation of water and other liquids, free of mechanical impurities with viscosity and chemical activity similar to those of water and temperature not higher than 120°C.
      These pumps are mainly used as feed ones for steam boilers.
      The pumps are not designed for steam-heating installations of houses and public works. The pumps type "MP" are multistage centrifugal with single flowing of the liquid into the impellers assembled on a horizontal shaft. The shaft lies in the radial ball bearings of the bearing bodies. The suction and discharge flanges are located in a vertical plane what is the basic structural feature of these pumps.
      To the suction and discharge bodies stuffing-boxes are mounted that form chambers through which is feeding cold water used for their own cooling.
       The circulation centrifugal pumps type K/MP are designed for transportation of clear water into the ship disposal cauldrons with temperature not higher than 180°C at admissible pressure of the suction flange 1MPa

      The indication of the pumps includes the following symbols:

18 - rated flow in l/s
MP - multistage feed
32 - rated head in meters/one stage
6 - number of stages
K - shiping pump
2 - rated flow in l/s
MP - multistage feed
18 - rated head in meters/one stage
2 - number of stages

The basic parts of the pumps are made of as follows:

Detail Construction materials
impeller - 1st stage bronze
discharge body, suction body, impellers, intermediate body, guiding apparatus, stuf-fing-box and bearing body grey cast iron
shaft steel
Indication of materials

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