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KV       The centrifugal vertical ship pumps type are designed to handle clear and seawater, or other fluids with viscosity, specific gravity and chemical aggressiveness similar to water. The maximum temperature of handled fluids is 85°C.
      KV pumps are intended for ship facilities such as
      - circulation systems
      - cooling systems
      - fire fighting systems etc.
      KV pumps are single-stage or double-stage centrifugal split-case end-suction (pump type 280KV20 however is double suction). The shaft rests in two ball bearings which are fitted in the top and bottom sections of the pump.
      The pumps are coupled to the electric motor by means of a flexible claw coupling.
      The direction of rotation of the impeller is counter clockwise looking from the driving side.

      The indication of the pumps includes the following symbols:

28-rated flow (l/s)
KV-ship vertical pump
55-rated head per stage
2-number of stages

The material of the basic parts of the pump according to the different versions.

Detail Construction materials
Standard 01
Upper body, Lower body, Bearing housing, Cap Cast iron Cast iron
Casing, Impeller, Stuffing box, Cover, Shaped sleeve, Stuffing box flange, Labyrinth ring, Bearing housing, Disc, Vacuum impeller, Cover Bronze Cast iron
Shaft, Safety sleeve Steel Cr 13% Carbon steel
Soft packing Cotton Cotton
Indication of materials

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