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Innovative Technology
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Modern Technology
in Pump Industry

ipom» AD, earlier referred to as the «Georgy Dimitrov factory», was established in April, 1947.
Factory specializes in design and production of pumps. During the next decades the factory turned into a powerful industrial complex which is constantly expanding its production. Range of production is permanently growing and by now has reached more than 1000 types of pumps in 31 series. First of all, these are pumps for transferring clean and contaminated water, agressive liquids, oil and oil products.

  Central place in the production programme belongs to centrifugal single-stage horizontal double-entry pumps type D. The series consists of 31 types of pumps in 95 designs and covers Q - H diagram: flow varies from 40 l/s up to 1850 l/s and head varies from 15 w.c.m up to 160 w.c.m. More than 100 000 pumps of this type were exported to USSR - the CIS.

  Another significant place in the «Vipom» production programme belongs to multistage pumps type «MTR». The main advantages of this type of pumps consist in application of innovations. Modern design, high efficiency, increased reliability and easy maintenance have won pumps type «MTR» popularity among customers. High-grade cast iron used for production of multistage pumps provides smaller weight of pumping unit and compact design. Dismantling of the pump is carried out both from the pump suction side and the discharge side. Intermidiate stages of pumps (impellers) are unified and thus replacement of worn-out parts is simplified.

Pumps designed for transferring oil and oil products received a large development effort. Mechanical seals are included into standard execution. Flexible mechanical seals are produced of high-modulus polymers.

Constant update of production by means of new developments allows maintaining high engineering level of «Vipom» production. Factory scientific-research institute provides manufacturing application of modern materials and improves technology.                                        ►

Innovative Technology
Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements. In comparison with analogues produced by other companies pumps produced by Vipom AD are noted for high standardization:
•  series "E" - 70%
•  series "E" according to EN 733:1995 - 67%
•  series "D" - 35%
•  series "MTR" - 23%
High-quality materials used for production of stuffing box seals ensure up-to-date level of «Vipom» production. Unlike some Russian and the CIS producers still using asbestos materials for shaft sealing «Vipom» AD applies non-asbestos AVKOPACK materials produced by "AVKO" company, ESA (European Sealing Association) member.
Teflon and kevlar packings are used for basic production line. Expanded blacklead is used for packing of chemical pumps and pumps designed for transferring oil products. Application range of the packings:
•  temperatures from -240 up to 650°C
•  head - up to 35 bar
Technological development is the result of such factors as highly skilled technical personnel, technically equipped test base including EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000 licensed hydraulic testing laboratory and prototype shop floor, modern foundry equipped with high-capacity induction furnace and spectral analysis laboratory, nonstandard equipment shop floor, licensed

Innovative Technology

•  flow - up to 50 m/sec
•  pH - 0-14
The main advantages of the packings used in the pumps produce by Vipom are
•  high thermal stability
•  low index of friction - 0,08 up to 0,15
•  non abrasivity
•  minimal parts wear under the packing
•  no induration during operation in aggressive medium
•  long service life (3-4 times more in comparison with cotton packing)

  The mechanical seals used in «Vipom» pumps are produced by famous European companies.

  Mechanical seals are highly reliable rotable sealing systems installed into pumps designed for transferring clear, contaminated with solid particles, chemically active, explosive, toxic and other working medium with temperatures up to 240°C, head up to 5 MPa, flow up to 20 m/sec. Overall and mounting dimensions of mechanical seals comply with DIN 24 960.

  Rubbing pairs are produced of the following materials:
•  WC - synthetic wolfram carbide
•  Si C - silicon carbide
•  special stainless steel
•  15 types of carbon materials
Elastic rings are produced of:
•  NB - caoutchouc for liquids with temperatures up to 90°C
•  EP - caoutchouc for liquids with temperatures up to 120°C
•  FPM /viton/ for liquids with temperatures up to 220°C
•  PTEE /teflon/ for liquids with temperatures up to 240°C and aggressive liquids.

  Depending on working medium and operation conditions, operational life of mechanical seals varies from 8 500 up to 25 000 hours.

  Great importance is attached to the quality of bearings. Vipom uses radial ball bearings or roller-bearings produced by "SKF". Outstanding quality of SKF bearings is a guarantee of efficiency and reliability of bearing assembly and as a consequence of the whole pumping unit. High accuracy of SKF bearings increases the warranty period for a pumping unit up to 3 years.

  Heavy-loaded rotary table bearings are equipped with plain journal bearings produced of wear-proof materials (special bronze, heat-resisting rubber, teflon and other materials) with warranted work period of 15 000 - 18 000 hours.

  In the course of production rotable components undergo dynamic balancing. ►

Innovative Technology

Comparison of Analogues

Russian analogue:
«Vipom» :
Ukrainian analogue:
Properly blanced rotor is a guarantee of pump reliable performance. Special "SCHENCK" balancing machines provide vibration level which is 3-5 times lower ISO norms.
  High efficiency is the main priority of the company. High efficiency of pumps reduces electric energy input while flow and head remain the same. Comparison table of annual energy saving comments itself.
  Supply of spare parts is a part of «Vipom» strategy.

All pumps including those produced 20-25 years ago are supplied with spare parts. Not every native producer all the more foreign companies are able to provide 30 days delivery of any worn spare part for its equipment like «Vipom» maintenance department does.

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